5 Benefits of Yerba Mate for Weight Loss

Are there any benefits of yerba mate to lose weight? This infusion has been a great tradition in South America since ancient times.

Does the consumption of yerba mate really have health benefits? Science has recently discovered numerous health benefits that this incredible ingredient contains.

Yerba Mate and its benefits

Yerba mate is a tree native to South America belonging to the genus iLex. The scientific name is Ilex paraguariensis and can reach up to 16 meters high. The harvest of this tree is what is known as yerba mate. It is usually found in the basins of various rivers in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

This yerba is still commonly used in South America. But  today, it is also used throughout the world for its weight loss properties and health benefits.

The main benefits of yerba mate for weight loss are:

1. Accelerates the metabolism

One of the ingredients it contains is mateine, which helps speed up the metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which our body processes the ingredients, which is essential for weight loss.

By accelerating your metabolism, your body can lose weight faster and therefore burn more fat.

2. It is satiating

Another great benefit is that it will give you a feeling of fullness for longer. This will be beneficial to avoid extra meals.

The effect of yerba mate cheats the stomach to prolong the feeling of satiety. This will allow you to lose weight and complete your diet at the end.

3. Increases energy

Yerba mate will improve your energy levels so you can exercise more. Being in greater movement, your body will burn more calories and you will see the results.

4. Eliminates toxins

Due to its high content of antioxidant properties, yerba mate helps you detoxify your body. This allows you to eliminate excess toxins that accumulate in your body.

Your body will be purified naturally and improve its functioning.

5. Improves the digestive process

This ingredient also helps you improve the functioning of the digestive process and keep you healthy. It favors the intestinal movement by stimulating the production of gastric acids and the billis.

Maintaining good health is one of the most important points to lose weight.

Another Yerba Mate Health Benefits

Yerba mate isn’t only good for weight loss but has many health benefits. This ingredient provides our body with different properties and nutrients necessary to maintain good health.

The consumption of this natural ingredient provides vitamins and minerals that our body needs, as well as elementary vegetable proteins.

The main benefits are:

  • Regulates cholesterol: According to various studies, it shows how the consumption of yerba mate is excellent for cardiovascular health and helps regulate cholesterol levels.
  • Improves the immune system: because it contains mateine, it helps minimize physical and mental fatigue.
  • Natural antidepressant: several studies show how yerba mate can help improve mood and prevent depression. This is due to its energizing properties, which improve mood and increase joy.
  • Anti-aging: another of its benefits is that it helps prevent aging and improve cells. This is because it contains antioxidant properties that provide numerous benefits for the skin.
  • It provides nutrients: in addition to so many benefits, it provides Vitamins A, B, C and E, proteins and minerals.

Does Yerba Mate have side effects?

Its benefits are numerous, but certain precautions must be taken before ingestion. While it is a completely natural ingredient and does not contain any side effects, some people should not take this ingredient.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • People with chronic alcoholism.
  • It is not for people with iron deficiency anemia as it can affect iron absorption.

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