Folexin Hair Growth Review



  • Promotes healthy hair.
  • Helps to stimulate natural growth.
  • Improves texture and thickness of hair.
  • Based on natural ingredients.
  • Reliable manufacturer.


  • Only available online.
  • It is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Hair loss is something very common in the majority of the population. Both men and women suffer from this problem.

The factors that can cause your hair to weaken are several: genetics, hormonal changes or environmental factors. Many of these factors cannot be controlled, so we need external help.

Many supplements promise to grow hair but not all work. Today we will make a Folexin Hair Growth Review, which is a new product based on completely natural ingredients.

If you are about to buy Folexin, you should read this review before buying it.

1. Folexin: What is it?

folexin hair growth review

Folexin is a natural supplement for hair growth, as well as improving hair strength and texture. It is a capsule formula and is based on totally natural ingredients.

Its formula improves the health and thickness of the hair, as well as its texture. Folexin is based on totally natural ingredients that encourage the natural hair growth process.

2. Manufacturer’s Information

The company that manufactures this product is Vita Balance. This company is a leader in natural health and has been manufacturing natural supplements for more than 25 years.

All its products are made in the United States and are manufactured in approved facilities.

From the official website of Folexin, you can contact this company by phone or email.

3. Folexin Ingredients

folexin hair growth ingredients

The ingredients of this formula are completely natural and stimulate hair growth. Its hair health benefits are essential.


This is the main ingredient of the formula. Biotin is a vitamin B that stimulates cell duplication. This favors hair growth and improves its thickness.

It helps improve circulation, as well as improve scalp strength.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient for the body. This nutrient helps improve iron intake, which is an essential mineral to stimulate hair growth.

An increase in vitamin C in your body will help you prevent and combat hair loss.

Likewise, this vitamin protects you from free radicals such as air pollution, tobacco, and radiation. Free radicals can weaken your hair and cause hair loss. That is why vitamin C protects you from these factors and prevents hair damage.


This is an essential mineral for cell growth. Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss, which is why this mineral is recommended to improve hair.


Just like zinc, copper is another essential mineral to maintain healthy hair growth. Promotes hair growth by increasing hair follicles.


This is an essential compound to maintain good body and hair health. This mineral helps transport nutrients to hair follicles.

Thus the scalp receives the nutrients it needs to regenerate the hair. Likewise, silica has other benefits for hair such as improving its texture and thickness.


This is a plant native to China used for centuries for health. This ingredient is used to reduce gray hair and gray hair.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen is known for its skin benefits. But it also helps improve the health of nails and hair.
Collagen helps prevent damage to the follicles, and thus prevents hair loss.

Hydrolized Keratine

Keratin is a protein that strengthens hair. It also has other benefits such as giving shine and smoothing.
This ingredient can revitalize the capital follicles and thus improve hair growth.

Other ingredients

The formula also integrates other ingredients that help improve hair health and growth. Among these are Vitamin E and B6, Selenium, Manganese, hyaluronic acid, among others.

4. Folexin Benefits

folexin hair growth benefits

Folexin Hair Growth Review

  • Improves hair thickness: Folexin formula helps improve hair thickness. Silica helps improve the texture and thickness of the hair as well as its strengthening.
  • Promotes healthy hair: the ingredients in this formula are prepared to improve healthy hair growth. It also prevents damage from free radicals.
  • Promotes natural growth: the main benefit of this formula is natural hair growth. Due to its natural ingredients, it promotes natural growth.
  • Strengthens the hair: another of its benefits is that it strengthens the existing hair, and prevents its fall.

5. Folexin: Side Effects

Folexin is based on natural ingredients that are considered potentially safe for most people.

For people with a specific condition, they should check with their doctor before using this product.

Most of these supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

5. Who is Folexin for?

Folexin is aimed at both men and women who wish to improve the health and texture of their hair.

This product can help improve your hair with the daily use of it and with the consistency of its use.

7. Folexin Hair Growth Review: Conclusion

Folexin is an excellent supplement for those who want to improve texture, thickness and hair growth. It is a supplement made with high-quality ingredients and backed by evidence to improve hair health.

Also, this product is manufactured by a reliable company with a backup in the field and helps the credibility of the product.

You can get Folexin from the official website to make sure you buy the official product.
From their official website you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

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