Chitosan Benefits For Health And Weight Loss

Chitosan has gained some fame because of its health benefits and weight loss. Do you want to know more about him? Don’t miss the benefits of this substance for your health.

Chitosan: What is it?

Chitosan is a natural polymer, that is, it is a set of molecules that serve to build structures and increase energy.

It is extracted from marine animals such as shellfish, lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. In addition, it can be extracted from a small group of fungi.

Also, chitosan is used for various areas such as agriculture, medicine, food, and other areas. It is well known for its weight loss and health benefits.

Many companies include this ingredient in their supplements because it can help fat absorption. It also helps regulate cholesterol in the diet.

Chitosan Benefits

Weight Loss

This substance acts in the body by absorbing fat and converts it into wastes that the body naturally removes.

In this way, it reduces the amount of calories in the body and helps to lose weight naturally.

It also helps the good digestion of food. Due to its properties, it helps improve the digestive process.

However, to significantly reduce body weight, you should accompany the chitosan with diet and regular exercise since otherwise there will be few results.


Cholesterol is a risk factor that you must control in the body since if it is high, it can be very harmful to our body.

A study published in 2003 by the “National Library of Medicine” in animals and humans shows that chitosan helped significantly reduce cholesterol levels compared to placebo. Their conclusion is that chitosan is safe and helps to reduce cholesterol.

Eliminate toxins

Also, this molecule helps eliminate toxic substances from the body. So, it may help people with kidney problems.

Other benefits

Besides, chitosan may be beneficial for other areas, but there is insufficient evidence to prove it.

For example, other benefits are the reduction of dental plaque, reduction of dental caries, improvement of Crohn’s disease (intestinal disorder) and wound healing.

Possible Side Effects

Chitosan is potentially safe for most people. That is, in a moderate administration.

In excessive consumption, it can reduce the absorption of some vitamins (A, D, E, K) and some minerals such as magnesium.

It can also cause mild stomach upset, gas or constipation.


This ingredient shouldn’t be taken by people allergic to any component of this formula.

Also, the consumption of this ingredient is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Supplements with chitosan

One of the ways to ingest this substance is through supplements that contain this ingredient. In the market, many companies manufacture this product. That’s why you can research different products.

One of the products that only Chitosan contains is Proactol XS. You can read the Proactol XS review here.


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