Capsiplex Calorie Burner Review

capsiplex calorie burner review


  • Helps to burn more calories.
  • Increases body energy.
  • It helps burn body fat.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Increases metabolism to improve the food process.


  • You can only get it online.

If you are currently doing a diet, or an exercise routine and want to enhance your results, you are in the right place. In this review we will analyze a dietary supplement that will help you to burn calories and favor your diet.

Capsiplex is one of the solutions that help you control your weight and burn the calories that you need. That is why we will make a Capsiplex Calorie Burner review and check its advantages, cons, ingredients and everything you need to know before buying this supplement.

Read our Capsiplex review before buying it, and find out all its features, benefits and more.

Capsiplex Calorie Burner: What is it?

Capsiplex is a weight loss supplement which helps to burn calories and increase body energy. It is a supplement made from two main ingredients: caffeine extract and pepper extract. These two potentiated ingredients form a strong solution to burn calories, improve metabolism and increase energy in your body.

The supplement helps you to burn more calories before, during and after exercise. This will be extremely beneficial to achieve the desired body weight goals. It is the ideal supplement for those who are doing a diet and exercise and want to enhance their results.

Manufacturer’s Information

Capsiplex Calorie Burner is distributed by Bauer Nutrition. This company supplies the best quality nutrition and dietary supplements. The customer service they offer is of very good quality and they have many forms of contact.

From their website you can find this supplement and many more with benefits for the health and nutrition of your body.

Capsiplex Ingredients

capsiplex calorie burner ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous (138mg)

caffine anhydrous benefits

This is the technical name for caffeine extract. Caffeine is sent to a filtration and extraction process and as a result, you get Caffeine anhydrous. This type of caffeine is so much more pure and effective than the regular one. The ingredient is only found in high-quality supplements like this one.

This is the main ingredient of the supplement (138mg), and it is extremely beneficial for weight loss. And this is because concentrated caffeine helps to improve performance during and after exercise. It also helps to reduce fatigue and as a result, you will make less effort to start your routine.

Another of its benefits is that it helps improving metabolism, which is the body speed to process food. By increasing the speed, your body will work better and you’ll burn more calories.

Capsicum Annun L (80.34mg)

This would be the extract of red hot peppers. This ingredient is native to America. Capsicum extract helps burn calories before, during and after exercise. It has a thermogenetic effect in which your body temperature increases and helps you to burn even more calories with regular exercise.

You should know that you can’t get the same benefits of this extract with the consumption of regular red peppers. This is because this extract is concentrated and pure, and it can only be filtered in a certified laboratory. The benefits of this extract for exercise give very good results.

Niacin (16mg)

Also known as vitamin B3. While this ingredient is in a smaller proportion in the formula, it also has many benefits. It transforms ingested food into energy. You can use this energy to exercise and burn calories.

In addition, this ingredient provides other health benefits such as to stabilize cholesterol levels.

Piperine (5mg)

This is an extract of the piper nigrum flower variety. It is a native ingredient of India and has many benefits for health and nutrition. Its function is to improve the level of nutrient absorption. Another benefit is that it can decrease appetite.

You can find just 5mg of this ingredient inside the supplement, but it’s enough to provide the necessary nutritional benefits.

Capsiplex: ¿How does it work?

Capsiplex works in your body in different processes. First, pure caffeine helps to improve performance during exercise and improves the metabolism of your body. Due to its properties, it allows your body to improve its resistance and to process food in a better way.

On the other hand, concentrated red pepper extract helps to burn more calories while you exercise. Different studies show how this ingredient increases calorie burning before, during and after exercise. In other words, it will be much easier to burn calories when exercising and you will see the results in a short time.

Capsiplex Benefits

The benefits of daily consumption of Capsiplex are very favorable for the nutrition, diet, and energy of our body. These are:

  • Burns calories: it helps to burn the calories of your body. This is done by the thermogenic effect that helps to increase body heat and burn more calories during exercise.
  • Improves metabolism: as we have seen before, one of its ingredients is pure caffeine. This ingredient improves metabolism and allows better digestion of food.
  • Increases energy: another of the fundamental benefits of Capsiplex, is that it provides energy. Transforms food into energy to use during exercise. Its goal is to improve exercise performance and burn as many calories as possible.
  • Reduces appetite: reducing appetite is essential when you’re making a diet because you must lower your food consumption. This supplement helps to reduce appetite so you’ll consume only the necessary foods.

Warranty policy

The company which sells this product (Bauer Nutrition) offers a risk-free warranty for 67 days. This is that if you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it and get your money back. This point gives more credibility to the product and makes you think that it is a quality product.

If you were thinking about whether the product offered some kind of guarantee, you shouldn’t worry anymore. Anyway, you can consult Bauer Nutrition for any questions from its official website.

Does Capsiplex work by itself?

As you have seen before, this supplement helps to burn calories and increase the energy of your body. The supplement is for those who want to lose weight through exercise and diet but increase performance.

That is to say that the product will not work by itself. But you must combine this supplement with exercise and follow a balanced diet to improve the results.

capsiplex calorie burner

Capsiplex Calorie Burner Review: Our Summary

Capsiplex is a very good supplement to accompany with a balanced diet and exercise. This supplement helps to increase energy in your body and helps to burn calories before, during and after exercise. No doubt it will be a great help for your routine and for losing weight.

Likewise, it will be effective in improving the metabolism of your body and the digestive system. Its formula makes the body to work better so the food will be better digested.

To conclude, we can summarize that Capsiplex is a reliable supplement and you should try this product if you want to improve your results and lose weight more efficiently. You can get the supplement from the official website and get a small discount right now. You should buy the product from its official website to make you sure of getting the full money guarantee.


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